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> 2022 Manifesting - Ebbos & Tools

Egbe Connecting Tools

Use this bird energy to call in greater connection to your Egbe community.

Egbe Pots, Fan, Necklace, Staff

 EGBE is #1 KEY for 2022. Initate into deep connection.  See about the full set.

Icofa Annual Refresh

Ignite your Ikin this year!  With 2022 Dafa indicating we will be working with Orunmila's energy all year...it is definitely a great time to send them back to their origin of birth, Ola Olu to be infused with more ase.

Osun Reflection & Connection

Deepen into "seeing" more of how to manifest your vision with Mother's Osun's mirror, stones & more!

Sango & The Mothers

 See how to navigate from the dimension of the Mothers.

Infused with Iyaami, Nana Buuken, Osun, Oya, Onile, Yemonja/lokun ++ and Sango!

Mother Waters Necklace

See how to flow through the challenges and elevate your potential.  Shapeshift your destiny and manifest with the Mother Waters, Osun and Yemonja/Olokun

Oya Calling Wand

Strenthen your connection to your unique abilities...as you call upon Mother Oya! 

Iyaami & Nana Buruku Connector

Expand yourself...Access more connection into the higher realms for what you need in birthing your full potential.

Egbe Prayer Beads

 Praying holding sacred coded prayer beads birthed from the Egbe shrine at Ola Olu definitely enhances where you will travel into.

Mother Waters Prayer Beads

 Pull out your prayer beads whenever you want to feel more connection to the energy of the Mother's. There is a sense of nurturing strength with these elements.

2022 Icofa VIP

Icofa is a dynamic level of initiation for you. Know your Odu path with Ifa.  Wear the prevenative/protection ide bracelet on your left wrist and have your one hand of Orunmila with you in your sacred space.  Learn more.  Grow, Expand and Connect!

Ifa Personal Map Divination for 2022

 Your Personal Map for 2022 Vision & Manifesting!

Osun Brass Empowerment Tools

Hand-crafted tools from Nigerian artisans connect you to the primal energy of Mother Osun.

Embrace the Bells. Bangles and Opa Staff and feel more empowered!

$35.00 - $155.00

2022's Irete Obara speaks of INITIATING CHANGE! 

Move into elevating yourself! 


2022 Orunmila Rituals

2022 Reading calls for Orunmila Rituals by The Ifa Foundation Elders for aligning your elevation!

2022 Egbe Rituals

 2022 Reading calls for Egbe Rituals by The Ifa Foundation Elders for aligning your Egbe connections!