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As I connect with this Ori infusion...emotions of great beauty encircle me.  I feel like I am centering myself as I about to travel inside to some where quite exciting!!!

I have also seen visions of fields of flowers blowing in the gentle breeze.

This infusion will definitely create a clearing effect and prepare you for awakening your Ori.

Omo Ogun, Iyanifa Ifalola is so deeply connected to the sacred Mothers and the divine essences of her ancestors and the plant-world.

Iyanifa Ifalola has been birthing Infusions in combination with her connections with the Oracle and all of the Ifa matrices.

Everyone combination she creates for each of the Orisa has deep consideration and integrity.  From each of the ingredients…to the bases she has been directed by the divine Mother’s to use. 

Each Infusion becomes transformed through sacred rituals with specific intention.

I use these on all the spiritual teaching tools I create and for my own spiritual practice.

I go into a deep meditative state with brush in hand…dipping into my bottle as I share my gratitude and prayers of intention.

I know that whatever these oils touch…transformation will take place.

$50 per each & includes the brush. 

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