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Osuns Heart Desire Spray

Osun Hearts Desire Spray
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 Hearts Desire Spray

This product was developed with the energy and intention of Osun, and for whoever uses it to have the capability of  cleansing energies that no longer serve their highest vibration. Spray yourself or your environment  to clear limiting blockages. What body sensations are you feeling? What are you seeing, hearing, tasting, smelling? These sprays are infused with Reiki energy, The new year Odu, Odu of the Ifa Foundation, Odu of Osun, oriki chants of Osun, oils specific to the Osun energy, and blessed water.  This spray has the scent of Lemongrass, Rose, Cinnamon, Cloves, and Frankincense. You can use this product to align love within your core center and your heart. Spray, breathe in the fresh scent and meditate, think of all the wonderful attributions you bring to the world and how much light you put out. What does your heart truly desire? This product could also be used to bring more love to your space or tools. This spray may also aid in increasing self-love. Please note that you must shake the product before use. 

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