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 A Course - Fundamentals of Internal Ifa:

 Module 1

This course is designed to provide fundamental notions for embracing a methodology of awakening the Ori. 

You will learn about the importance of the Ori in the Ifa Tradition, 

its various components, and how they relate to your life and 

the process of spiritual evolution. 

We will also explore Important notions regarding the esoteric anatomy 

of the human being and its relationship to the spiritual path. 

This course will be both theoretical and practical. 

The purpose is to introduce the necessary theory which prepares you for receiving an initiation into an esoteric technique for awakening the Ori. 

This special initiation offers a path towards the direct discovery of the mysteries of the Ori and is a foundational meditative practice for spiritual awakening. 

Many of the later teachings and techniques offered in the modules of Internal Ifa will use the initiation received in this course as a starting point. 

This course will be taught live by Oluwo Ifakayode via zoom.


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