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Each wand is created with nature elements blessed in the Sacred Orisa Gardens of the Mothers.

The elements on each wand are bamboo, Black Kyanite and a Bone carved tusk wrapped with beautiful young pheasent feathers!

The intention behind this hand-held tool is to have the holder shift their consciousness where they have felt emotions such as stuckness; weakness; confusion; fearful and an overwhelming sense breaking down.

This wand is taken through rituals inside specific Orisa gardens that are connected with the Mother energies.  The natural materials will absorb the frequencies as the prayers of intention are said with your name.

As you  hold your wand and move it across your entire body...beginning with your Ori...you will begin feeling a lifting of energy that no longer serves you.  The Black Kyanite stone will breakup stuck energy.  

After you do the rituals of clearing...you can then hold your wand and feel this renewed energy of connection with your corre strengths.  A reconnection and reboot!

The wand is about 16" long.  

Be sure to include your full name at birth and the name you go by now as well as your birthdate when you place your order.

This is a great gift to give to someone you love as well.

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