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About Us


The Spiritual Tools Online Store is connected with the Sacred Orisa Gardens in Central Florida and The Ifa Foundation.


Founders, Philip John Neimark and Vassa Neimark began creating spiritual teaching tools in 1990 as high Priests of an ancient nature-based spiritual path called Ifa.

Honoring a worldview of the 16 Truths presented on the front page in a video with a focus on 

“everyone and everything is connected!”

Each creation you see throughout the site has been treated in a sacred manner with the highest of integrity.

Fusing together unique handcrafted ancient designs and materials with current findings…and then each tool returns to earth inside the sacred gardens to become activated to their highest level possible.

For seekers of today to resonate and feel confident in connecting with an authentic energy tool that will be able to open a portal for transforming their lives into a healthier more balanced way.

Working with each of these tools allows a person to clear the path to live in their true destiny-potential and develop a higher ability to manifest in unexpected ways.


Open your senses with what is truly possible. 

Feel more passionate.

Become more inspired. 

Expand your knowing of why your ancestors brought you here.

Be able to hear more, feel more and be more.



Each spiritual tool we create for you will be made with love… illuminating frequencies into each piece for you to then be able to tap in and bring it inside your personal space and manifest your vision.

We have decades of “lineage living experience” …freeing fear and living in trust…connecting daily, grounding into living a nourishing path and an incredibly sacred life.


We have used these tools ourselves to align each step of our growth.  Our children and our grandchildren have also been taught how to use them and now they are in college and feeling great support from having the time in with their tools from the day they were born.


From getting your Life Path reading to receiving a rites of passage ceremony or being married by us will prepare you to take on more of your own life as an upgraded version of your parents.  Ase


Iyanifa Vassa wants everyone to know how to use their tools…there will be an option for a private coaching session upon request.

We look forward to elevating your life with the perfect spiritual teaching tool!
Iyanifa Vassa, Olufadeke and Oluwo Philip Neimark, Fagbamilia
Here are some views of our spiritual tools in the Sacred Orisa Gardens…you will see and sense the level of nature your spiritual tools will be created with.
Iya Vassa With a Custom Esu-Obatala for a Ceremony