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Ancestor Sacred Soil

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Lifted from the mound of earth surrounding the sacred Ancestor shrine…and put inside a bronze circular locket with a glass front so you can now have a something special to connect with when working with your ancestors.  The land at Ola Olu was originally part of the African continent prior to the tectonic shifts and now where we so proudly stand and work with deepening rituals that are a part of Ifa. 

The Ancestor shrine is one huge vortex of powerful energy.  Everyone that comes feels it.  Everyone brings a special rock from their homeland and places it inside the circle there.  It is a true circle of  living energy where we connect to the love and wisdom from the ancients.  This earth has the ase of layers of years of ceremonies. 

We will include some ideas of how to use it as well as a special prayer to the ancestors…along with your Certificate of Authenticity.

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