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Ibeji Figure-Carved

$165.00 - $200.00
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Ever have an abortion?  Ever had a miscarriage?  For men,…ever been involved with either situation with a woman?  Well if you have…YOU NEED TO HONOR THE SPIRIT OF THE UNBORN CHILD!  In Nigeria, in ancient times, people understood that the conception of a child produced a spirit and that spirit would be need to be honored. (not only for the health of the other children that would be allowed to live but also for the families harmony).

In Nigeria, when there was a conception that did not make it to full term, the mother would go to the Babalawo or Iyanifa and have divination performed to see what the carver would need to make and what offerings would need to be given.  She would then care for them at home.

This brought harmony in the home and ensured that the children that were allowed to live…be healthy!   This was considered Prosperity!  

Today we work with these figures much in the same way…giving offerings and honoring the energy matrix they open the portal to.

You will have information included with your figures that will give you more about how the whole process works as well as how to know what offerings would be best for certain results.  A special Prayer is also included with your Certificate of Authenticity.  Each carving has variations…as they are hand-carved by Nigerian Artisans.

The carvings now come in two sizes...and each set is unique.  The photo depicts a general way they will look.  The beading will vary and some of the finishes. We currently offer 2 finishes: natural stain and ebony stain with indigo dye on the head area. 

Customer Reviews

Reviewed by Review b, 10/26/2022

I received my Ibeji and they are just so amazingly beautiful. They exceed my expectations. Incredible the work and dedication. Thank you so much, Iya Vassa. 
Sincerely Michael. (Awo Ayodele Ifagbemi )

Reviewed by Daniel (, 04/28/2015

Alafia Iya Vassa and Modupe,

I am writing to thank you so much for both the reading and the Ibeji that I received as a result of your consultation. Since I have placed them on my Ancestral Shrine, I have experienced a deep and abiding sense of power, freedom and happiness. The energy and spirit that the Ibeji has ushered into my life has been so refreshing.

I am very grateful that you were able to identify that which was causing me to feel somewhat over burdened and tired. I am now feeling refreshed, re-energized and renewed.

I offer the prayers that you sent and I am more aware and conscious of this energy which is a part of my life.
Again, thank you (Modupe) for your spirit and continued work in Ifa.


Daniel (Oluweri Egundyao Onisegun)