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Babalu Aye Staff


Babalú-Ayé (Òtúrá Ìwòrì) is both beloved and feared; also known as Shopona, O̩balúayé, and Omolú in the Diaspora. He is a powerful Òrìṣà known for “miraculous healing” and diseases. 

Connect with Babalu Aye using this staff filled with black agate for grounding and protection, and amethyst crystals for healing and creating a resonant shield of spiritual light around your body. The staff is also equipped with 17 bells. 17 is a number sacred to Babalu Aye. Ring the bells to ward off the negative influences of Arun (Disease) and Iku (Death).

This staff is handmade by Babalawo Ifatobi and will be consecrated by Oluwo Phil and Iya Vassa at the Sacred Orisa Gardens and attuned to your energetic needs. 


Other Orisa Staff are also available upon request and can be made to order according to your spiritual needs. 

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