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Healing with the Orisha

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Customer Reviews

Reviewed by Robert H, 09/10/2019

Everything I have read from the Ifa Foundation is exceptional. Part of their genius is their ability to get to the experiential heart of the matter. This book is no different! Why 4 stars, not 5? I only wish it was longer! So really its 5 stars+

Reviewed by Anthony S, 05/04/2011

This is a definite "must have" book for the serious Ifa practitioner, as well as those who are just getting starting. This is by no means a fluff piece of writing. Through her words and experiences, which jump off the page, Iya Lea teaches us how we are part of our environment, how we are part of are Ancestors and how they are part of us. Iya Lea has such great knowledge of the secret world of the plant kingdom. It is a great read and I must ask: Iya Lea, when is your workshop?

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