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Ifa-ing by Iyanifa Vassa

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This is a teaching manual for anyone who wants to really understand how to get the most out of working inside the path of Ifa.
The "ing"  approach is what this author (a Priest of Ogun, an Iyanifa and a founding member of the Nana Buuken Society) found most successful for not only her personal life but also for her work which engages 1000's of clients coming to her as an Ifa Coach... for over two decades now!.  Iyanifa Vassa has organized the information in such as way that not only a beginner will find easy to follow but also for the practicing devotee with years of experience to expand their spiritual practices with.
There is great truth told in this one small package.  Ifa-ing covers..."How to's"...for beginning; for thinking; for healing,; for changing; for thinking; for understanding; for trusting; for discovering; for loving and for Trusting to name just a few!

This manual points the way for your Daily, Weekly, Monthly and Annual Ifa-ing.  There is a complete list of over 30 offering ideas and why you would use each one...as well as a list of herbs and their uses.  There is a section all about the Ifa energy Matrix's along with special Prayers for intent.  You will learn about taboo's and how to dispose of the different types of offerings.  You will learn how to become empowered and use tools for Ebbo work.  We are currently taking orders for this manual right now.  It is in the final stages of printing and will be available June 1st for the first time!  Ifa-ing has been being written over 10 years now and never released until now.  It is ready.  It is time. 

Customer Reviews

Reviewed by Yansa , 09/12/2019

After you read "The Way of the Orisa", do yourself a favor and purchase this book. It gives you even more in depth information on how to connect with the energy matrixes, what different ebbos to use and why and more about the Path. Get it!

Reviewed by Cherise T, 03/10/2013

“Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.”

I am deeply honored to write a review for this book. It has been my privilege to study with Iya Vassa and have experienced positive changes in my life as result of that study. She is a remarkable Apetebi, Iyanifya, and Nana Buuken priestess who definitely “walks the talk”. This book is based on her twenty-five plus years of teaching, performing initiations, readings and rituals for thousands of people. I also think that this book has come out of Iya’s own experiences as a young Ifa seeker, as well as her frustration that so many Ifa followers do not have access to information and tools that would enable them to create positive sustainable, change in their lives. Now, I’m not suggesting that this book will solve all of your problems, but it will definitely provide you with the tools needed to securely walk the path of Ifa. It’s a cornucopia of Ifa instruction. However, Iya Vassa being an Ogun priest has written this book for results—the material is well-organized and very practical. It includes information about the meaning of the major Orisha, their correspondences and simple rituals to access the matrixes of these energies. In addition, there is material regarding basic cleansing and shedding techniques, prayer cycles, steps on the path and warnings, etc. I believe that there is a need for this material at this time for, “she who has ears, let her hear.“ Not only is “ignorance is not bliss”, but I now know that “knowledge is power” and this book contains knowledge. E she, O se Iya (Thank you)

Reviewed by Todd M, 02/12/2013

This Is truly a good book to jump into IFA with after you have had your life path reading