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The Way of the Orisha

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Own a "personally autographed copy" of the all-time best selling book on the Orisha. Now in its ninth printing, The Way of the Orisha offers readers a solid and thoughtful foundation for understanding and working with the Orisha.

Customer Reviews

Reviewed by Ereyk A, 07/26/2013

A MUST READ BOOK! Amazing, I enjoyed this book and was able to understand more and get questions answered about Ifa and will help me more on guidance on my new journey & path with Ifa, My ancestors and the Orisa's. Thank you Oluwo Phil for this book and may Olodumare, Orunmila, your ancestors & Obatala enlighten your mind and bless you with good life full of health so you may continue to write many more books to teach us sharing your wisdom & knowledge, Asé!
Can't wait to read The Matrix of Ifa ! Love & Blessings, Asé!