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Bronze Leopard for Protection

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Bring more protection into your home and for your family with this special powerful spiritual tool.
This Leopard is created in Africa using the ancient technique of lost wax casting.
It is imported specifically to us at Spiritual Tools Marketplace.
Upon your request we will create the triangulation in your name as well as your families names inside the sacred shrine of Nana Buuken...tapping into that powerful ashe.
Each one is a one-of-a-kind piece measuring approx. 6" long.
Each one stands approx. just under 2" high.
There are spots and teeth exposed.  It is piece of art and can be placed anywhere you chose.  If you wanted to keep it on your desk at the office and prevent people from harming you in any way...put one there.  If you wanted to put one in your living room looking at the front door...put one there for protecting your sacred space.
They are truly special.  We only have a few so this will be a limited offer.

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