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The Ori Destiny Initiation Ceremony

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The Ori Destiny Ceremony

This 3-legged staff is part of the Ori/Destiny ceremony (each has a unique look). This is one of the most important ceremonies you can become involved with besides Crowning your Orisa and also becoming an Ifa Priest such as a Babalawo or Iyanifa.

It is one of the three legs we stand upon...hence the 3-legged staff. Read more about this incredible ceremony by clicking here



Customer Reviews

Reviewed by Brian , 09/17/2015

I have seen numerous Babalawos. I will spare the stories of the problems with them, but suffice it to say that Phillip and Vassa have true honesty, integrity, and love of the religion and what they do, and they give so much freely away to the world. Arriving at Ola Owu (The Ifa Foundation) was hugely exciting, and with my very high expectations for all, they were not only met, but surpassed. The grounds and gardens are amazing, and like a masterpiece of art, have to be seen and experienced to appreciate fully. The temple home is a refuge, and a place where for once in many many years, I actually slept perfectly, with a serene and whole energy all around. The Ori Ceremony itself was stunning, and yes--life changing. Even one physical aspect of it had a result that will forever shift my life for the better. Spiritually, back at home, my Reiki practitioner stated that my energy field has totally 'shifted' to be more calm, centered, focused, and more natural and positive, as opposed to its usual wild, erratic energy field away from my body. The night right after the ceremony, words came to my mind that I didn't think, but merely 'wrote,' which though simple, will favorably impact my life for ever, not because they are words, but because I now 'feel' and 'live' them. Positive aspects which I wanted, but did not hold before. Phillip is a living legend, as is Vassa, and Vassa is a truly beautiful soul and so incredibly thoughtful and sweet. I am so thankful and appreciate I had this opportunity, and if you open your mind and spirit and take this journey, you will be so very thankful that you did too.

Reviewed by suffi , 03/18/2013

I was iniciated to the wrong Orisa in Cuba and left alone with no idea what to do ... at one of my searches through the internet I found Ifa Foundation with Phil and Vassa, I went on their retreat to have my ori ceremony, I was really out of order, I coudn´t keep the food I ate etc. it was terrible!
THe ceremony was very powerful, I was welcomed very warmely and treated very well, I was asisted with any questions and doubts I had (that was around 2002) and together with my (correct) guidance Orisa I could put my feed back on the ground and on my live path!!!!!!! Ase!!
And of all the diferent Babalao I found on the net the Ifa Foundation was the onl one who wanted to try to help me out of my problems!!!
And still if I need something, have any doubt or question they are there for me!!

Reviewed by Karla , 03/18/2013

Alafia Vassa,
Thank you for your love, support!
There is nothing better than to feel the trasformation, and I read the reviews myself before
but when you go thru it that is what Truly makes a difference. To Just Do it, even though it can be scary
of the unkown, to just dive in. This email for you, I want to express how much
I truly Love you and Deeply Grateful for you. I know I always say this to you, but You Vassa
because of you, your love, effort, your steps, your creativity, your Vision, I mean I can't even include
everything, but your will, has really changed my life!! I was truly sad to be here in the planet, and always
asked, why did I come to suffer as much as I am! But the Ori ceremony really was like the dynamite
that blasted all the family patterns, all the negative energy, all the ego based fears and lies, all the negative
thoughts. But I did not actually feel the effects until the Ori ceremony.
and yes the few years after where truly hard, shedding off all that stuff, it was hard, uncomfortable,
it took discipline and effort to keep moving forward thru those feelings, but my goodness was it worth it.
Kind of like it is what you go thru giving birth, I had a tough one with our son, 10 hours of just pushing and Nothing! But what a blessing when you see the angel before you, it is one of the most amazing feelings.
More beautiful than I had ever imagined. But now I am grateful for the suffering, you cannot truly
appreciate the day, unless you experience the darkeness of the night! And boy was it Dark.
It has even opened up to some gifts I have been given, my dreams, my writing, and the sweetness my
grandma told me I was, I never truly knew it, she would tell me I had sweet blood. But with my anger
and sadness at the way my life was, I never appreciated it. Now I do and I share it.
As I continue to practice, and CANEI Constant and Never Ending Improvement, to connect with the orishas
and to ifascope, and to do everything we can, believe me I feel truly Fullfilled even though there are still
challenges, but I can ask for help, I have the tools and I am Truly grateful for You, Your help, love support,
and The Magical Gardens!!! I am so excited to be there with you and to give my thanks to the Orishas in
person and to bring them gifts. Jacob wants me to write how grateful he is for the Twins too. We love them and Sigidi too. I have to take care of the kids now, but thank you for letting me share Vassa.
Always writing to you and sending you all the honor and respect that you Deserve!! You and your family!
Thank you for ALL you do! Thank you for the smile in my Heart!
Blessings and Love to you always, Ase, Ase, Ase!

Reviewed by Clint , 11/09/2011

This ceremony is highly recommended! Everybody involved was very loving, supportive, and assisted me every step of the way. The ceremony was one of the strongest spiritual ceremonies I've experienced so far.