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Opon Hand Crafted by Nigerian Artisans

$135.00 - $195.00
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These Opons are hand-carved in Nigeria by village artisans.  While each one is unique...they hold to the standards of what makes it a proper Opon for an Ifa Priest to use.


These Opon's are avaialble in 2 sizes (aprox. diameter of either 18 inch or travel size 7 inch)  The color finish may vary depending on stock. Please note these are "primitive carvings"...and that part of the nature of these is there can be slight cracks in the wood because of the nature of the shape.


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Customer Reviews

Reviewed by Ifa G, 09/13/2019

I was so excited to receive this in the mail. A must have for any Ifa Priest. Keep in mind that you can consecrate this before you put down your opon powder, with some coconut or palm oil. Just make sure it is dry before you put down the powder. A heavy, solid work of art here for divination. Very cool.

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