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Esu Osun In XL Gourd




This is a big powerful piece!  The gourd is 12”!  Super strong powerful energy pulsing through…

The 4” bronze mask is from the small tribe in Africa that does the lost wax casting…we love to support them with our purchases…it creates a huge difference in their lives.
The combination of energy of the Esu matrix and the Osun matrix is dynamic.
Working with this tool will assist you in opening up a flow for a stream of success in love and money and much more.
For anyone having trouble connecting with the Osun energy in their lives…this will definitely blast through any stuckness and create an opening of illumination for you to tap into the beautiful and strength of Osun.
Connecting with the energy of bronze brings you a period of time where our ancestors…saw major advances in their lives.  This is an energy that bridges the ancient with the future.  And can assist you in forming that wisdom into what you are here to do…creating new patterning in your structure of how you operate!  
This is also very grounding and protective energy…keeping you on the track to continue the building forward of your life and not to have to continue fixing things.
Getting empowered and stronger so your challenges don’t drain your energy and you can use all of it for CREATING MORE BEAUTY INTO YOUR LIFE!
When you send us your request for one…we will build yours with your name into it and then place it inside the earth at the sacred ESU AND OSUN shrine in the Orisa gardens of Ola Olu.
We will also send you a special prayer for connecting with your EsuOsun in your email as a PDF.
A certificate of authenticity with the date it was created from the sacred shrines of the Orisha gardens of Ola Olu.  Created with the ashe of Nana Buuken Priest and Iyanifa Vassa and Oluwo Philip Neimark.
Each one is a one-of-a-kind as IyaV opens with the Oracle and is guided.
Allow 1- 2 weeks for shipping.  Each one is made specifically for you with your name inside.

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