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Esu Ancestors With Tooth


This is one of the most important spiritual teaching tools.  

We were brought here for a reason!
Each of us comes with coding from our lineage…and this sacred Odu pathway needs to honored.
Tapping into this matrix will teach you more about yourself and your journey here.
As you work with this tool over time you will learn what is needed to do while here and what needs to be harmonized from previous generations.
You will learn what it is you are to build upon that was started long ago.
Created from sacred earth clay.  Standing approx 4”. plus the ht of the Boars Tooth.
Filled with the ingredients divined by the Oracle to vibrate at a frequency that will tune you into connecting with your Ancestors at a deeper level.
This Esu - Ancestors will open the portal for you to ground into your lineage.  As you work with this spiritual teaching tool you will be able to sense the messages of your ancestors with a higher volume level and know what to do with them and for them.
You will be able to trust more of what is downloaded into you from connecting with them.
Each time you work with your Esu -Ancestors you will feel stronger and more certain about why they brought you here.
Knowing what was formed as your special pathway brings you an inner peace and harmony in this realm.
Created by Iyanifa Vassa, Olufadeke, Nana Buuken Priest, GateKeeper of the Sacred Orisa gardens holding Iyaami.  All ingredients were divined with the Oracle.  
Bronze ancestor face created by an African village is included.  Each one sits on a slice of stone and comes with complete instructions on how to work with it.  Allow 2 weeks for shipping as the clay will need to dry naturally in the sacred gardens.  Each one is made specifically for you with your name inside.

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