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The Way of the Orisha

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Own a "personally autographed copy" of the all-time best selling book on the Orisha. Now in its ninth printing, The Way of the Orisha offers readers a solid and thoughtful foundation for understanding and working with the Orisha.

Signed by the Oluwo himself.  Donations go to support the Sacred Orisa Gardens.

Price is for One signed copy of the book

Customer Reviews

Reviewed by Ereyk A, 07/26/2013

A MUST READ BOOK! Amazing, I enjoyed this book and was able to understand more and get questions answered about Ifa and will help me more on guidance on my new journey & path with Ifa, My ancestors and the Orisa's. Thank you Oluwo Phil for this book and may Olodumare, Orunmila, your ancestors & Obatala enlighten your mind and bless you with good life full of health so you may continue to write many more books to teach us sharing your wisdom & knowledge, Asé!
Can't wait to read The Matrix of Ifa ! Love & Blessings, Asé!

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