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Healthier Life Reading

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Optimal living involves aligning with not only your physical health but your emotional, spiritual and lineage health.  When all four are in order..life will flow beyond your imagination.  Iyanifa Vassa will gather all of your information and in a face-to-face session that includes an in-depth consultation with the Oracle...she will lay out a map for you to follow.  

Iyanifa Vassa will also coach you on the strategy that will bring you the greatest success. There are many layers to knowing how to approach this process and to be successful student with a total health plan.

We can meet on Skype, Facetime or our private room on Webex ( I will send you the link and meeting #)


Here are some areas that will be addressed:  


In your Physical Health...daily environment; food; sleep; passion; previous & existing conditions; previous diagnosis; current medicines; and any unique pieces and more!

In your Spiritual Health...what has gone on in your lineage; what you were brought here to do; what has happened spiritually to you prior to our meeting; what tools best suite you and more!

In your Emotional Health...seeing clearly what you have had to cover up in order to survive & how to best approach clearing; seeing what has been blocking you & how to reset that; seeing how to strengthen and empower your being and more!

Iyanifa Vassa has many years of great experiences with transforming peoples lives.  It is her passion to bring another human into a better condition ...being fully alignmed to flow with creativity and live a life in passion.

Prior to our meeting you will recieve an email with more detailed information to provide both of us with the clearest path to move forward on.

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