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Ifa Ose "Black Soap"

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As you can see by the photo, our soap is not like any other. It begins with a block of Organic soap from Africa that has shea butter in it as well. It has a wonderful soft quality and will leave your skin feeling good.

What happens to it between when the block arrives and when it is packaged in a cellophane envelope is what sets us apart from all others that carry black soap. The Oluwo's, Nana Buukens,  Babalawo's and Iyanifa's join together in several types of ritual ceremonies to bless the ase that is poured into thin shavings of this material.

We begin with collecting 21 bundles of fresh plants that have been divined out to be the appropriate vibrational level plants for what people will be wanting from the soap. (Clearing off negativity on many levels, removing blockages, replenishing our minds, cleansing a person's Ori and pockets of the body where darkness can reside)

We lay these plants across the altar at the Ola Olu sacred shrine for Ela/Orunmila.  We perform intense rituals over these herbs and then let them dry for a period of time outside on the retreat grounds...where that special air there can flow through each leaf and branch.  We then crush them into small enough pieces so that they will not hurt your skin.

Then we knead them into the shavings of the soap that recently sat in the warm sun for a few hours...the consistency is really like a soft clay.  The ase from the rituals and the dried herbs and threaded through the layers of soap while prayers of intent are in our minds.  They are then formed into 4 ounce size bars and dried on racks in our prayer room for three weeks.
So as you can see... each bar is created from the highest possible position.

One bar will last most people more than 30 days.  Each one will come with a special laminated card that has instructions and a prayer to Orunmila on it.

Customer Reviews

Reviewed by kevin m, 04/25/2020

In the epic poem “Song of Myself,” Walt Whitman writes: “Clear and sweet is my soul, and clear and sweet is all that is not my soul. Lack one lacks both, and the unseen is proved by the seen, Till that becomes unseen and receives proof in its turn. Showing the best and dividing it from the worst age vexes age, Knowing the perfect fitness and equanimity of things, while they discuss I am silent, and go bathe and admire myself….” This is what I recite before using the black soap, as I feel it captures the essence of the ritual for me. I do pronounce the name of Orunmilla, and make a prayer request while bathing, as I have not memorized any of the ifa praise poems to The Votary of Reality, but I will.

In truth, the soap does exactly what one’s intent is—to remove negativity from one’s aura, body, feelings, etc. Incredibly, belief in the soap is not required. After the shedding in the shower (hmmm, shedding in the shower---poem idea!!!), there is just a calm that comes over me. The physical sensations vary. In the past, I’m talking pre internet, and pre meeting Vassa for my initial ritualistic cleansing ceremony, when using the black soap, the top of my head would feel like it was on liquid fire that would last throughout the cleaning, and long after drying myself. Now, I feel that same fire on my face. With each washing, the intensity subsides. Maybe it is because I am on this lockdown because of the virus, and myself and the two adults I am constantly interfacing with, have been leaving residuals on my face? I don’t know.

But what I do know, is this black soap is the real deal, and part of my monthly budget of ifa spiritual tool purchases, and should be yours.

Reviewed by Ifa G, 09/13/2019

The priests and priestesses at Ola Olu have the wisdom, knowledge, and integrity such that when we use this black soap here, we know that any bad vibes, negativity, toxic energy from enemies, or ourselves will quickly, easily, and totally be banished and washed down the drain after using this amazing soap. I begin with cutting a small piece of the soap off with scissors, so as to keep the portion I am not yet using dry. I then light and burn some sage, passing that over the water and around the tub area, cleansing the air, strike a bell a few times to begin, add a splash of Florida Water, clean up, and then use the soap, praying to Orunmila and whatever other Orisa I am most connected to that particular day, to cleanse me from all counter intention, bad vibes, bad energy, toxicity, and to keep any death, disease, negativity, bad spirits, bad energy, and curses real or imagined away, and to bless me and protect me--then asking for what I want, meditating in prayer, knowing that what I want is here. I then lightly rinse off under the shower, burn a bit more sage or incense, and ring the bell for completion. Ase! A great product here--must have.

Reviewed by Iyanifa I, 09/10/2019

I started using this soap during a difficult time when medical issues required clear thought, discernment and decisions about the best course to take. The ritual used with the soap cleared thought, removed negativity and brought an awareness of my connection with my Ori.
The soap is very gentle on delicate, damaged skin. I have continued to use this soap for several years now and highly recommend the Ifa Ose Soap.

Reviewed by Fatunmibi/Filiberto , 11/03/2012

This black soap is simply AWESOME!! Everyone should have it at all times. The Black soap helps rid of all negativity that one may go through the day. It is also awesome to have for ritual cleansings. Especially for Ifa/Orisha priests that work with healing themselves and others. I strongly recommand this black soap. Ase!! and thank you Iya Vassa. :)

Reviewed by Tiffany , 11/29/2011

This Ifa Ose is the best soap I've had! Not only does it add a glow to my skin it also has me feeling light, refreshed, and lifted.

Thanks Vassa

Reviewed by Regina , 11/01/2011

It is the best black soap i ever had!

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