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Ori & Pyrite Labyrinths



The combination of Pyrite and an embedded  labyrinth is a dynamic healing grid!!!

Only Mother Earth would have created this!
Holding your Pyrite ancient stone allows your energy to release the old story…which may include what harvested your having a lack of self-confidence or otherwise.
Holding this fiery stone you can build a protective shield around your destiny track so nothing can take away your success.  This will add power to your abilities to hold your commitments and be even more persistent about “going for” your vision!!!
It’s like a silent meditation for meandering your authentic path.
Upon Wearing this powerful necklace…feeling a closer connection with what is totally amazingly possible…can be life-shifting.
Each one is a one-of-a-kind…between 2”-3”.
When you send us your request for one…we will build your name into it and then place it inside the earth at the sacred ORI shrine in the Orisa gardens of Ola Olu.
We will also send you a special prayer for connecting with ORI in your email as a PDF.
A certificate of authenticity with the date it was created from the sacred shrines of the Orisha gardens of Ola Olu.  Created with the ashe of Nana Buuken Priest and Iyanifa Vassa and Oluwo Philip Neimark.

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