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Obatala Empowerment Tools


Tap into the Obatala matrix to create order for clear, calm, logical and rational thinking. 

Pay close attention to the way your thoughts are flowing and be very disciplined... knowing that every single element we process inside must be pure and positive. Illuminate your thoughts with the Obatala Matrix. 

The two main implements are:

The Sacred Obatala Herbal Mist and the Healing Crystal Geode.

Tap into the healing geode crystal energy to enhance your ability to stay very disciplined to your intention.

Allow the herbal mist to cleanse and purify your thoughts and refresh you daily.

Both halves of the Sacred Geode will be brought into the Obatala Sacred Garden at Ola Olu and blessed in your name.

One half will be sent to you and the other half will remain there as a connecting tool for you to tap into from anywhere... for amplifying your strength. 

Everything will be sent with the prayer and instructions. 

Customer Reviews

Reviewed by Ifa G, 09/09/2019

The Obatala herbal mist is truly amazing. It was so exciting getting this. It smells so amazing and I truly feel a shift when spraying it. I use it on my head, shakra points, any area that feels stress, and also after a ritual to Obatala or to cleanse or charge any room. It can also be sprayed in the car or bathtub, or a bowl of water to Obatala. This mist will actually last for a half a year or more if used sparingly! It is however most potent and strong around the first few months. I was actually shocked how long it lasts and still smells so good. Be prepared for people to tell you how good you smell and ask you what you are wearing. Love it!