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Kola Nut Obi Abata 4 Lobe



Fresh Kola Nut (Obi Abata) The 4 Lobe Variety is often hard to obtain on demand. Iya Vassa has obtained high quality Kola Nut for use during your offerings and rituals.  Traditionally Kola Nut is used extensively for divination, feeding/offerings and often chewed in the morning or whenever energy is needed.  Kola nuts are very high in caffeine and have a bitter flavor.  Obi Abata (Red color) are a favorite offering all Orisa Energies except Obatala and Sango.

The Spiritual Tools Store is offering the 4 Lobe variety of Kola Nuts for a limited amount of time and will do so periodically throughout the year to correspond to Calendar Rituals and Offerings. Each order contains 3 (Three) Whole Kola Nuts which is enough for 3 readings and offerings.

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