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Tribal Woman Contemplating

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Two Options Available either single or 3 women in a circle

This 5” high casting is full of detail and color.
She is barefoot as to connect with the Earth...She has creatively adorned herself
And she is poised to sit and focus on what her thoughts can and will bring her...
As she sits before a candle only she can light...and contemplates the beauty of her own life.
She can now see more of what the Universe is illuminating as only she knows what she can embrace
at each moment of her lifetime.  This is for all those who want to go inside and find that which is part
of your inner destiny.

Please select your option

Single woman or 3 women

Customer Reviews

Reviewed by kevin m, 04/25/2020

While watching a youtube presentation by the late-great Dr. Frances Cress Welsing, she made a declaration, that I will paraphrase in this evaluation. She said black people in America should find images of themselves, in which the skin is obsidian black, dark as it can be. She said the image, be it a painting or a statue should be placed in a position within the home where it can be seen by every family member. And when one walks by that image, one should say out loud, That is beautiful, I am beautiful, my black skin is beautiful. She said this was needed because black people in America have been conditioned deeply in self hatred of our skin, our hair and our overall appearance as black people. Ergo, by calling an image beautiful that one has internalized on a subconscious level to be ugly—a freeing of self-love will occur.

When I saw this circle of divine African women on this website, I had to purchase it to follow the advice by Dr. Cress-Welsing. These women now sit proudly next to my computer. And I say aloud to the images a plethora of praises celebrating their blackness. Each day, the images become more beautiful to me. Each day the images represent where the sublime meet the beautiful, although a certain European philosopher would disagree. This circle of black women represents to me divine femininity void of misandry.

On another note, the brain washing to hate blackness is global. Although she did not mention in the video for non-black people to have such an image in their home, I do. For the poison of racism white supremacy runs deep in every blood line, in every race, if not consciously, it does permeate one on a sub conscious level. For I ask you, dear reader, do you have any images of dark skinned Africans in your home, and this doesn’t include athletes or rap artists? Let that sit in an marinate for a moment.

I plan on buying one more set, and two individual African women statues.

Until the balance between the divine feminine-free of misandry, and the divine masculine—free of misogyny become one, I end my review.

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