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Vibrational Scents by Iya V- Attraction

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Ifa Priest Iyanifa Vassa has spent over two decades studying, working with and exploring the vibrational level of each Orisha energy. The results of her work have made possible her creation of the Iya V Vibrational Scents that combine the frequency of specific Orisha energies with the vibrational structure of specific plants ase’ (living energy) and their individual scents to accept and amplify the intended results!



Iya V’s Vibrational Scent for Attraction captures the powerful complex of Oshun energy combined with the alluring vibrational scent and ase’ of select plants and flowers to provide you with an invisible, but potent, aura of attractiveness, YET strength that will impact those around you. Appropriate for male and females seeking more meaningful relationships.


Customer Reviews

Reviewed by Glenn L, 11/21/2011

I tried the Attrraction-Vibrational Scent by Iya V. and I must say it is awesome! It is a high quality perfume you can use daily and it is suitable for guys and women.
I use it daily and I notice how the strength impact others around me.
I just love it and it last the whole day.