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Obatala Crystal Necklace

Obatala Crystal Necklace with Wire Wrapped Pendant 
Beautiful cracked crystal beads with silver beads form this very stately looking necklace.In the center hangs a crystal pendant wrapped in silver wire which represents the energy matrix of Obatala. 

The energy matrix of Obatala truly puts you into a great position to see what is possible within your chosen destiny path.  Connecting to all of your life's adventure with a more peaceful mind…truly makes a difference!  Ase.

Each one is consecrated in the sacred shrine at the Ola Olu retreat.  Each one is blessed in your name so you can triangulate at a much higher level with the Obatala energy while wearing it.  The materials are all natural and feel really good to the touch of your skin.  Try one and see.  Great gift for someone you love as well.
A special prayer to Obatala will be included with the certificate of authenticity.

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