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Oko Scorpion Jewelry

SKU: ST241
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Safely encased in thick plexi...this real scorpion amulet is attached with cording to create a wearable Protection piece.  Great for teenagers to go out of the house with one on their wrist...who knows they can start a new trend!

The energy that comes along with this tool is quite potent.  No one will mess with you while wearing one of these.

Consecrated in the highest of Oko ceremonies

Customer Reviews

Reviewed by Mila , 08/08/2011

Dear Vassa,

I got my Osain and the other tools I ordered today. The Osanyan necklace is such a beautiful necklace. I kept touching the beads and turtle. Then came a little Eshu for Osain. He is soo cute. I put him in my pocket. Then came the scorpio bracelet, which is so cool! My daughter said she wants one too. Finally, I got to the Osain gourd - wow! The energy is amazing - I will hang the gourd above the entrance to go upstairs for now. The hook with a turtle is really cool.
I wanted to give you a BIG hug and say thank you so much for all you are doing in all these ceremonies for me.
Thank you , thank you, thank you.

Love and blessings.


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