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Onile (Earth Mother) Necklace


This very special creation is what was revealed in the New Year (2014) reading.

It is for our HEALTH this year as well as something you will want to have with you always from the meeting of this incredible energy.
Wear this to strengthen your core energy...keep yourself attuned and connected to the sacred energy of Earth Mother.  (See her in the other photo below).
There is an incredible write up about this energy and how you can become engaged at a whole new level.
The materials used are from the earth and sea...and a special pendant of a translucent amphora hangs from the center point.
Onile energy brings your "seeing" ability into new levels...and able to see through what others cannot.
This is a huge advantage when you need it.
Onile will put harmony into place and protect your household and community and Onile represents justice in the natural world.
A complete write up and prayer as well as a listing of offerings will be included along with your certificate of authenticity.

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