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Elegua-Esu Ogun with 7 Tools

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$344.00 - $584.00
SKU: ST128
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We know that Ogun is the energy that enhances our ability to get focused and get to work...Now we have created this new Elegua-Esu/Ogun tool with the 7 Ogun implements to give more Intensity to this intent.


The tools are hand-forged by Blacksmith Yaw and available as a stand-alone item.  We have seen how having this powerful tool helps people get the work done 7 days a week.  One tool for each day!

It is a very heavy piece...Physically but most importantly...SPIRITUALLY!  Everyone that stands in its presence feels this huge energy of strength and power.  It is a very unique piece and has been through huge ceremonies at both the Ogun Shrine & the Elegua-Esu Shrine.

The cast iron pot itself is 10” in diameter, standing 15” tall.


We also now have a medium size available (choose your size from the drop down menu above).


Instructions with Prayers will be included with the Certificate of Authenticity.


Due to the weight of this product, $85 is added to the price for shipping and handling.

Customer Reviews

Reviewed by Louis , 03/21/2011

I am extremly satisfied with my Esu/Ogun tool as it has helped me connect to this vibrant energy. I strongly recommend it this powerful tool

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