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Ogun Pot - 11 inch with Tools

SKU: ST198
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We have added the option for you to now have the custom made Ogun implements consecrated inside your pot...and as a bonus we are including a ladder.

Each one of these items has something special about it that helps you to be able to focus on something needed to bring the whole picture together.

We can explain what you can tap into when you call after receiving yours.  It is really powerful to have one of these in your life.
I love mine.  As an Ogun I truly get so much from working with my Grande pot.  I noticed a huge shift when mine was consecrated.  We know there is an energy that is beyond description.

Enormous energy of the Ogun power... generates right off of it.

Yours will be filled with the ase of the rituals performed at the Ogun shrine at the Ola Olu retreat...at the highest level possible.
They now come with a chain wrapped around the top edge that has intricately cut out tools hanging off of it...this vessel comes with all the tools you need to work effectively 7 days a week!  (of course you can add more of your own as well.)
It is an outstanding size for those who really want to feel the big power.  You can place this outside as well.  No one is walking off with this big boy!

Great for protection and for enhancing what you "can do" at a super high level.  It is very hard to get this size but for the first time in a long time we are able to offer them to you again.  Learn what the dynamic energy of Ogun can do for your life when you connect with this grande size pot.

Each one comes with a special prayer and a list of offerings and the reasons behind each one as well as a Certificate of Authenticity with the date the ceremonies were performed for you.

This size is our largest.  11" in diameter and 9" high.

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