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Ogun Pot - 7 inch

SKU: ST196
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These handsome looking cauldrons are filled with the ase of the rituals performed at the Ogun shrine at the Ola Olu retreat.
They now come with a chain wrapped around the top edge that has miniature tools hanging off of it...and with 4 railroad spikes inside.

This is one of the main sizes people use for their Ogun altar.

Great for protection and for keeping your strength up so you can stay focused and increase the potential for success in all your endeavors.  The cast iron really vibrates with alot of energy.  You will notice alot of changes when you bring one into your home.  

Each one comes with a special prayer and a list of offerings and the reasons behind each one as well as a Certificate of Authenticity with the date the ceremonies were performed for you.

This size is our main one - stands 6" H and is 7" in diameter.

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