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Ogun Railroad Spike Knife

SKU: ST201
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Forged from an actual railroad spike...then taken into the highest of ceremonies on the grounds of Ola Olu, inside the powerful Ogun shrine.  This spiritual tool can be used in many different ways.


Here are a few examples:  Can be placed on your Ogun altar or as a first piece to begin an Ogun altar for yourself.  Can be used to clear/cut away anything that has attached to you that no longer serves your best interest. (further instructions will be given to you at the time you order one)  Can be used to cleanse a physical space as well as someone that you love and care about.  Can be used as an empowerment tool. Can be used for healing a physical ailment. 


All of these are connecting with the door way of the Ogun energy matrix.


Prayers and offering ideas will be included along with your Certificate of Authenticity.

Customer Reviews

Reviewed by Anthony M, 12/24/2013

Good tool to do sheddings on yourself, your loved ones, and your house. I use mine whenever I feel negative energy has attached itself to me, my house, or a loved one. Very useful. I love how the IFA Foundation gives you the tools to be an independent strong spiritual person. Other places I have been try to make you dependent on them. The foundation is the place for you if its independence you seek.

Reviewed by John J, 12/05/2012

I purchased OGUN'S knife, but was disappointed because it wasn't as shown on the picture. However, I intend to treat it with respect and utilize it since OGUN Arere is my gaurdian and I do possess the OGUN POT.