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Aje for Wealth

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AJE' (pronounced: ahjay)


The most powerful single tool for the accumulation and protection of wealth is the Aje’. Unlike almost all other Ifa tools, the Aje’ is singular in purpose. While the fundamental belief of Ifa is that the most important thing in our life should be the gathering of wisdom and knowledge, they (unlike almost all other religions/philosophies) understood the necessity of money in that pursuit.


The Aje’ originates in the deepest part of the ocean. That part where no light reaches, the water temperature is close to freezing, the pressure so enormous that none can survive it…and the repository of the greatest wealth of the sea.


It was back in the late 1980’s that the Foundation was introduced to the concept of Aje’ through the late Afolabi Epega, my friend, mentor and co-author with me of The Sacred Ifa Oracle. One afternoon we were together in the Prayer Room of our home in Chicago when Afolabi asked: “My brother, where is your Aje’?” I asked what exactly he was referring to, as I had never come across the concept in my study and research of both Santeria/Lucumi and Ifa. He then went on to explain that virtually every Yoruba Ifa home contained this powerful Orisha/Orisha to assure that they would always have the money necessary to care for themselves, family and ability to go forward on their Destiny.

Since that time, using the exact instructions of the ancient Yoruba provided by Afolabi (a fifth generation Ifa priest) the Ifa Foundation has created this powerful Orisha/orisha in the exact ancient manner.


Comes with complete instructions and herbs for replenishing the energy.

And now it comes with a special stone bead necklace and a pocket esu/aje and a small esu/aje for your Aje altar 

A certificate of authenticity is included, attesting to the date and place of consecration, as well as the individual it was consecrated for.

Customer Reviews

Reviewed by Anna , 12/13/2011

The Aje tool is simply wonderful.

I recommend this Esu Aje tool for anyone interested in the Orishas or the Orisha Movement!... The Ifa Foundation is a great starting place to learn more about the Orisha!