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Orisa Esu




This spiritual teaching tool - The Main Esu…

is created with the matrix for opening your inquisitive mind so you can explore what the truly most important pathways are for your destiny here.
Increase your ability to connect with what synchronizes with your vision by making offerings and saying your prayers.

Building a relationship with this special tool will also build your certainty of what is really good for you and what is NOT…protecting you from veering off course and later having some major repair work to do.
One would connect with THIS Esu to enhance their abilities to create change in a more powerful way.  Where things may have seemed impossible to find…you will see more available.
Where you may not have been able to connect with how to create success…you will feel an elevation  of your personal vibration and open into a new level of seeing how to manifest the necessary changes for the opportunities to come into your life now.
Where you may have not been able to “see” certain things of what you feared…working with this great tool can assist you in gaining more certainty in these matters.
We know that spiritual tools can assist your journey of elevating your future.
The vibration is high…learn to match yours to it and see how much more is possible for you to be able to do next.  Movement forward takes place when you learn how to synchronize your energy with a spiritual teaching tool.
Your thoughts, feelings and emotions will clear…you will align with how and where to experience the dynamic energies,
Esu is created to unlock the doors for this experience so you can begin building in a much more focused way!
Open to change the levels for more passion, strength, flow, vision, certainty, attraction and feel more inner connection to your inner soul.
This tool can be empowering areas where you need more balance in your health as well.
Did you know that every Orisa has their own Esu!  Each Orisa shrine in Nigeria would have one sitting near the entry of the area.
Upon your ordering yours…IyaVassa will open up the Opon and begin the rituals for creating one in your honor.
This spiritual tool will enter the sacred gardens of both Esu and receive the ceremonies for proper alignment.
Created by Iyanifa Vassa, Olufadeke, Nana Buuken Priest, GateKeeper of the Sacred Orisa gardens holding Iyaami.  All ingredients are divined with the Oracle.  

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