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Osain Osanyin Necklace

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Just wearing this unique necklace...you will notice that you awareness will become more acute...you will begin to "see more" and you will do more!

The vibrational level that went into making this stems from the ancient ancestral messages joined together with the secret languages from the plant world.

The strand consists of Picasso gemstone chips, gorgeous beads and a brass turtle.

It is truly a unique combination of energy to partner with!  Stand taller through all of life's challenges...and prevent any unnecessary chaos from entering.

You will have a lot more time to do creative work...and take your intuitions into a place of intellectual thought.  A truly beneficial energy to work with in this day and age.
A special prayer to Osanyin will be included with your certificate of authenticity.


Customer Reviews

Reviewed by Anthony M, 12/24/2013

Great to wear when preparing any ebbos that you are using plants in. I wear it when preparing herbal baths. I also wear it when gathering plants. I also use the necklace to help me to connect with the energy to select the proper herbs when gathering them for spiritual work. This piece resonates with great ase.

Reviewed by Mila , 08/08/2011

Dear Vassa,

I got my Osain and the other tools I ordered today. The Osanyan necklace is such a beautiful necklace. I kept touching the beads and turtle. Then came a little Eshu for Osain. He is soo cute. I put him in my pocket. Then came the scorpio bracelet, which is so cool! My daughter said she wants one too. Finally, I got to the Osain gourd - wow! The energy is amazing - I will hang the gourd above the entrance to go upstairs for now. The hook with a turtle is really cool.
I wanted to give you a BIG hug and say thank you so much for all you are doing in all these ceremonies for me.
Thank you , thank you, thank you.

Love and blessings.


Reviewed by odufollower , 01/14/2011


There are so many ways in which the tools and initiations from the foundation have added to my life it's difficult to describe. I have one very concrete example that I wanted to share. In March of 2010 I received my Osanyin necklace to help me boost my fledgeling business. In the nine months prior to receiving this powerful tool my business had an income of $2,920 in the nine months after my business made $7,220 that's an almost 250% increase and the momentum I've established has me on track to at least double that in the next nine months. Even more interesting in that my husband's business, which suffered greatly during the recession, has not only rebounded but some of their new ventures have vastly exceeded expected revenue. Getting this tool and doing the work necessary to align with the potential it brings has been the most effective thing I've done to build my business to date.

Many Thanks,

Love and Blessings