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Ososi Lapis Necklace

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My favorite part about this necklace is the 4 sterling silver tiny bow and arrow.  They are so finely made with great detail.  The lapis stones are so rich and the silver accent beads really make this creation dynamic.
The energy is amazing and can truly circle you with a feeling that you are connecting to natures elements in another level.
Tuning in…sensing…a great awareness of everything all around you and you feel notice that when you have to make a decision…your mind is operating a little bit sharper and wiser.
You can also receive the benefits of how to become a more clearer communicator.  You will notice yourself saying things so much more accurately…more on point with what your mind is really thinking.
You will also notice that you will see things even clearer.  Cutting through the layers of distractions!!!
There are many more powerful important traits about Ososi that will come in the PDF into your email when we see your order here.
Upon ordering we will create yours with your name into the intentions…and then connect the sacred jewelry to the Ososi shrine where the powerful ase can enter into the materials.

The Ososi energy brings a lot of strength to you and can assist you in exploring where you natural flow truly is.  This energy is great for transforming the shape of things that are not working for you as well as attracting what you love.

A certificate of authenticity with the date it was created from the sacred shrines of the Orisha gardens of Ola Olu.  Created with the ashe of Nana Buuken Priest and Iyanifa Vassa and Oluwo Philip Neimark.

Each one is a one-of-a-kind but will look as close to this photo as possible.



Customer Reviews

Reviewed by Anthony M, 12/24/2013

I love my Ososi necklace. I like to wear it when I need to communicate clearly. Its also helpful for legal matters.

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