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A Sigidi Carving

$100.00 - $110.00

 Sigidi The Protector

There is something really special about the energy of the Sigidi.  Everyone that gets one shares stories of some great experience their family has had.  

Each is hand-carved and imported from Africa. They are anywhere from 4”-5” and they each come with a special spear.

The Sigidi protection figure can sit up on a window ledge looking out and protect children from bad dreams.  It is a defender of negative spirit energy…Sigidi will block any of it from coming into the space.

This protector figure can go anywhere.  We have even put it up on the dashboard of our car…looking out for anyone trying to break in or harm the car and passengers while driving in traffic situations.  Perfect in the windowsill for kids bedrooms to conquer their night fears or also great for a purse…and in a car.

Infused in sacred herbs and roots powders and placed inside the Sigidi altar in the Sacred Orisa Gardens

We currently have two styles one with feathers to help conceal the nail heads and give it extra camoflage night energy and the original style. 

Each will come fully charged up and ready for you to form the connection using the materials we send to you in an email.

We will send your a special prayer and offering ideas in an email and the certificate in the page.

The ceremonies are performed  by Iyanifa Vassa, Olufadeke, Nana Buuken Priest, GateKeeper of the Sacred Orisa gardens holding Iyaami.  All ingredients used were divined with the Oracle.  

Customer Reviews

Reviewed by Efunbumi , 09/14/2019

Sigidi has to be one of the best protection tools that I own. I am delighted with Sigidi presence in my home. Knowing that I can go on about my day and have his protection is a weight lift off my shoulder.  Iya Vassa gave me great directions on how to care and handle Sigidi, and I am very thankful to Iya Vassa, Oluwo Philip, and the Ifa Foundation.