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Esu Osun The Protector




Nothing gets past this powerful force!  This spiritual tool will be see what is needed and take action immediately.  

This EsuOsun, The Protector is fierce!!!.  Seeing what is needed from another dimension…working with the bird energy…from Vulture to parrot!  The Mother energy side of Osun is connected with this spiritual tool.

Each is made with your name into it…and please allow for slight variations in the feathers and shells.
Before your tool arrives to you …rituals on your behalf will be performed inside the earth at the sacred Orisa Osun Shrine at Ola Olu.  

You will be provided with instructions on how to with with your spiritual teaching tool from home.  You will definitely feel more empowered…as well as have greater access to your abilities to “see” more of what the Truths are out in our world today.  We need to have more wisdom with tools like this today!

Enhance your ability to connect with everything possible. Clear everything blocking your purest intuition.  Ground your nervous system. Have peace of mind and certainty.  All available when you use our sacredly created spiritual tools.  Created with Mother Nature's highest frequencies. You now have access to what is possible…love yourself…invest in your life!

The ceremonies are performed  by Iyanifa Vassa, Olufadeke, Nana Buuken Priest, GateKeeper of the Sacred Orisa gardens holding Iyaami.  All ingredients used were divined with the Oracle.  


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