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Ide in Stone Beads

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Prevent premature death, protect yourself and your loved ones by wearing one of these special energy-filled bracelets on your left wrist.  Wearing one let's Death know you are a child of Orunmila and that you are not to be taken before it is "your time".

Made of alternating dyed green agate and tiger iron beads to form really unique and rich looking Ides.  Each one is consecrated in the sacred shrine...devoted to the highest level of initiations ...only for Babalawo's and Iyanifa's.   Each is strung together on clear elastic string so you may get them on and off easily.


We have two styles available to choose from.  One with a coconut disc and one without.  Please make your selection above from the drop down menu.


Every size is available.  From young children's size to extra large adults.  (specify approximate wrist size above when adding to cart)

Instructions and a prayer to Orunmila will be included.

Customer Reviews

Reviewed by Bilal , 04/22/2012

I love it I can fill the energy of possessing one hand of Orunmila with it on feel Orunmila guidance all day and support a special feeling of growth! ase

Reviewed by Tiffany , 11/29/2011

I'm completely satisfied and aesthetically beautiful.

Vassa, thanks!

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