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Protection Eshu (2 face)


 Wouldn't it be great to have a tool that watches your back!!!

In a world filled with more and more people acting with negative character...jealousy and envy, boundary-less in their actions...it is best to be preventative!  Thinking ahead and placing a two sided, two faced Eshu for protecting you from having to deal with the energy that can be possibly directed at you and your success. Close those doors from that opportunity happening!
Open your path and your roads for more opportunities of being successful with connecting to the special energies of greater Protection and Prevention.
Today we really need to be more effective with our time and energy and not spend it foolishly repairing damage that could have been avoided all together.
This highly energized spiritual tool,  Ellegua w/ 2 faces...will bring an elevation to all your endeavors and your intentions.  Each one is unique yet will carry the same materials...seeds, mirrors, beads and feathers from vultures and roosters.  The main body is made from  reddish stain mixed into the concrete.  Truly this peice is a work of art as well as a powerful spiritual tool.  Everyone that receives a handbuilt piece created by artist (Orisa Ogun) and Ifa Priest, Iyanifa Vassa... has been extremely impressed by all that is included in the Ashe.  It is all done at the highest level possible.  Approx. 10" at the widest point x 6" the other direction and approx. 7 " tall without the feathers.  We ship the feathers out of the holes so that the shipping does not damage them.  You can place them in when you receive the package.
The spiritual level of this tool is triangulated from rituals at both the Esu/Eshu garden and then on top of the Sigidi garden.  They are performed by Iyanifa Vassa and a team of highly evolved Ifa and Orisa priests.  Each one is blessed in your name.  Allow from 3 to 7 days for one to be created just for you.  
A certificate of authenticity is included with your package and as soon as you place your order...a PDF file will arrive in your email with the information on how to best work with your spiritual tool.  Included will be a special prayer and offering ideas with their intentions.  We offer phone calls and emails to discuss in further details anything you have on your mind.  If you have questions or issues you want ideas on how to approach something...Iyanifa Vassa will be there for support and guidance.  
It is our goal to bring you as much light to use while walking the steps along your destiny path.
This is the main sized Protection Eshu.  There are pocket sized ones as well as miniature hand-held ones and travel size are also available. Some people take them to the office with them or to meetings in their briefcases.
They are also great gifts for someone that you know who needs some direction and strengthening.  We will also work with you to create something truly specialized and custom for a situation you have on your agenda.  We also incorporate items you may want to have placed into your spiritual tool.  We are creative and make everything in our sacred energy space.  Just feel free to reach out and ask Iyanifa Vassa anything.  1-800-906-4322.

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