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Protection - Vibrational Scents by Iya V

SKU: ST233
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Ifa Priest Iyanifa Vassa has spent over two decades studying, working with and exploring the vibrational level of each Orisha energy. The results of her work have made possible her creation of the Iya V Vibrational Scents that combine the frequency of specific Orisha energies with the vibrational structure of specific plants ase’ (living energy) and their individual scents to accept and amplify the intended results!

Here in Iya V’s Vibrational Scent for Protection, you will be able to use the powerful vibrational energies of Ogun,and the Sigidi, combined with the strong but beautiful scent of specific protective herbs and flowers that produce an aura of strength and protection designed to turn negativity away! Appropriate for males and females seeking greater protection in every aspect of life.


Customer Reviews

Reviewed by Fatunmibi/Filiberto , 11/03/2012

This is a must have item for those of use Ifa priest that perform clansings and as an everday use; plus it smells good. One can you use this product on the orisha areas through out ones body. Just a little really goes a long way and helps to center and focus to connect with the Orisha energy. I give it five stars.