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Sigidi Necklace with Wooden Shield


Created in alternating pieces of red coral and black natural disc beads. Alternating to look much like a venomous coral snake! This creation is amazingly potent just to look at in person!


There is something so potent about it! We bead these to order to send us your name and we will bless it inside our sacred ceremonies at the Sigidi shrine in the sacred Orisha Gardens. These colors and materials were purposely chosen to ward off any and all negativity that could be met by the wearer. Wearing one of these simply prevents a person from having to "fix" things down the road. Be smart and start preventing your life from being distracted by such nonsense. Spend your time creating and living in a more harmonious and joyous way.


There will be people that are jealous and envious and negative...that is just the way it is...but you DON'T have to take that energy on. Wear one of these and go about your life.

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