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Divination Master Class

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For those with the desire to be the very best, Iyanifa Vassa & Oluwo Philip Neimark offers their Divination Master Class.

Now you can take advantage of the almost 40 years of experience in Divination. Experience backed by their training through the late Afolabi Epega, and the teaching of hundreds of initiated Babalawo’s and Iyanifa’s. The first Oluwo in the country to implement an ongoing mentoring program for initiates,the  Neimark's now respond to those very few individuals who wish to master the ART of divination. If you are ready to learn the subtleties, nuances and techniques that separate a truly skilled Diviner from those less able, then this is the course for you.

Limited to three students for each session.

This workshop will be presented online utilizing a streaming video software compatible with both Mac and PC computer formats.  Detailed instructions for attending will be provided prior to the session.

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