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Black Horsetail Wand -Beaded

SKU: ST202
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Traditionally used by high priests to cleanse the body of negative energy and illness. This Horse Tail Wand has a loose flowing tall like design with a beaded handle. Approx. 21"

Customer Reviews

Reviewed by Yansa , 09/13/2019

I received this wand upon my Oya initiation. I love it. After working with a client or if I'm feeling in a low vibration, I'll sage myself and then take the wand all over my body. I feel the lower vibration releasing.

Reviewed by Ifa G, 09/09/2019

I don't know how this works, other than to say that the RELIGION works, and it does. I had my first cleansing with a horsetail wand by a Babalawo years ago, and it was truly an intense, soul shifting experience that helped shed tons of bad energy off me. Now that I use this one, I am amazed, excited and proud to have this simple but powerful tool that works incredibly when used correctly as a Babalawo. With help from Orunmila, this tools swipes off the electromagnetic and etheric counter / negative energies out of and off of the body, throwing it away outside back into the universe to harm no one. Truly amazing.

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