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Each can be used on your third eye for opening, strengthening and deepening.

Each can be painted onto your face, neck or a sacred spiritual tool.

Sacred Ancestor Plant Root

Yellowish Powdered Orris Root

Take a little out and add a drop of water and place the paste onto your third eye and feel an amazing connection.

You can chose to clear your head before opening up with your prayers... sniff a little up your nose. It will awaken your senses.

To relax and nurture your system - drink a little as a warm tea. ———0———Sacred Fire Ash from the Nana Mound

Take a little out and rub it onto your third eye... feeling the ancient wisdom of the Mothers enter into your consciousness. Feel the nurturing support.

Feel free to use it on your spiritual tools and on your Ancestor altar as well.

Sacred Camwood Dust

Used for eliminating past perception.
Take a little out and place it on your third eye. Feel the connection to the plant intelligence world.

Feel your inner power and how you are unbreakable.

You can even mix it with any liquid and oil and paint symbols with it...or brush it onto your spiritual tools.

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