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 (A branch from the sacred black locust tree with an egg-shaped polished stone from an

Osun River and sacred Mother Bird feather)

As you sit in a contemplative state holding your sacred staff... you will be tapping into the intelligence of the ancestral energy of this ancient tree.
Mother Trees are amazing teachers...you are holding living memory! You are holding onto the life-force that emerged from the roots of a biological stew of bacteria, algae and fungi.

The Locust tree is one of the very original - 60 million + years ago!

Tap into your personal uniqueness as each tree is naturally.

At early growth it was covered in thorns - message: creating a natural protection energy This tree pioneered & empowered other trees to grow message: know how to support humanity
This tree grows loves to grow out in the open - message: be savvy with how you stand
The egg is about creation.
The shape is for union of male and female. message: unite your male & female energy to create.

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