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Bronze Sigidi Shield

$40.00 - $77.00
SKU: ST146
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This style shield is approx. 1” sq and is consecrated in the larger Sigidi ceremonies at the Ola Olu retreat to ensure that the person who had one in their possession would have greater protection from harm.  They can be turned into a necklace easily as they are a pendant design. One can be dropped right into your child’s pocket and carried by your spouse when they leave for the office.  This is an easy tool to have with you at all times...endless possibilities for how one can incorporate it into the lives of those they love and care about.  

Prayer to connect with this energy will be included.

Price is per shield

Available on a Cord for use as a Necklace

Customer Reviews

Reviewed by Bilal , 04/22/2012

awesome since using it the second day all enemies have gone no long bad looks are envy people just leave me alone with their negativity great it also protects those around you as well

Reviewed by Louis , 10/27/2011

I keep it on me all the time and feel protected from any negative energy. Highly recommend it!

Reviewed by Carol B, 02/09/2011

Since I ordered and have been using this shield and the statue. Problems around me have been going away. It works very well. Thank You