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Sacred African Prayer Mat




Each one made with African Fabrics and African Prints

Each day as you pray on your sacred Prayer Mat..you will build the ase of your connecting.


It is a truly an amazing feeling to go each new day and feel what is now there to tap into. 


Each Prayer Mat we offer is a one-of-a-kind. 


They are created by Iyanifa Vassa and her Mother, Nana BJ.


The fabrics are meaningful and the quality of the construction and quilting…divine. 


Each Prayer Mat will be blessed in your name.


Customer Reviews

Reviewed by Yansa , 09/12/2019

I was blessed enough to receive a prayer mat made by Nana BJ. My is orange, black and red and covered in masks for my guardian orisa Oya. I use this prayer mat daily and travel with it. I can feel my ashe growing each time I use this mat to pray to Orunmilla and I keep it at my sacred shine area. I love this rug. It allows me to connect wherever I am, home or away. Highly recommended for anyone looking for a tool that they can use daily. I will also be passing this mat down to my children and grandchildren.