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Vibrational Energy

Did you know that the Earth itself vibrates? That everything vibrates!  color, energy and those things we consider solid ALL vibrate.  All are energy and all are vibrating at different levels.

In the short term, the greatest importance to Ifa/ Orisha devotees is that each Orisha energy has its own vibrational level, subtly, but distinctively different from each other. To the extent we can match that specific level most closely; we are able to tap into the immense pool of energy and possibilities each represents.  The ebbo we offer will be effective in direct relationship to how closely its energy field matches the energy field of the Orisha worked with.

An easy example is the vibrational frequency of colors which undoubtedly determine the “acceptance” of most ebbo and their ability to enter the energy field of the Orisha. Sango/Chango energy responds favorably to the Color   Red. The color Red vibrates at 1000-1200 Hz (Hz=Hertz or cycles per second) Red is the longest wavelength we can see and it has the slowest frequency of vibration. Red is a warm, stimulating, energetic color, and is associated with giving a feeling of vitality, will-power, ambition, self-confidence and sexual arousal. Red has a stimulating action on our heart and circulation. Red light will raise the blood pressure. Red is associated with anger. Red is the color that is associated with and energizes the base or root chakra which is located at the base of your spine. So, red apples to Sango/Chango create a solid connective point for priest or devotee.

Each tool that we create at the Ifa Foundation is created to vibrate at the same frequency of the Orisha itself to make it easier for the individual to match their vibrations to that of the Energy they are praying to.

Our newest offering in this area are the Vibrational Scents created by Iya V. Each scent has had its ingredients selected by Ifa divination and then it’s vibrational level matched to specific orisha necessary to accomplish the goals the scents are needed for.

When you apply these scents to your skin, the vibrational field of the plants and orisha blend with your matrix in the same way a successful ebbo combines with the Orisha itself. Whether it is “attraction”, “Protection,” Wealth etc. that invisible, but powerful field becomes part of who you are, no matter where you are.

We invite you to experience these vibrations...