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All of the spiritual teaching and connecting tools will be infused inside the sacred Orisa Ancestor Garden inside OlaOlu.

Each item listed below will be blessed in your name while igniting and infusing the energy of the Ancestors..

The sacred Odu's, herbs; oils; spray with Oriki and songs will be used during the empowerment ceremonies for each tool.

The "ESU ANCESTORS" will provide alignment to open your paths and roads with ancestor energy...for more ways to increase your connection and most importantly...for healing and health empowerment.

The "ANCESTOR NECKLACE" is made of various stone AND hammered copper beads that resonate on the ANCESTOR frequencies and has a carved stone pendant.

THE NEXT LAYER OF TOOLS IN THIS GROUP ALL ALL CREATED BY OUR AMAZING IYANIFA IFALOLA.  She taps into the gifts that were seeded into her Ori as she was created.  She goes ALL-IN with each element!  She uses only the finest of materials...all organic and she grows many of the flowers and herbs that are used in her unique formulas!  They are also created "in ritual".

There are "NO OTHER" soaps, oils, sprays, candles, and salts that get birthed as Iyanifa Ifalola does.  She's got the healing sounds going on in the background while she is infusing with Oriki, Odu, and prayer.  Her heart is huge and her integrity..it's impeccable!!!

The "ANCESTOR SOAP" carries a really deep resonance with it.  Like you are going back in time.  Your senses awaken.

The "ANCESTOR SALTS" removes past patterning... and negative attachments seem to melt off...

The "ANCESTOR SPRAY" has such a unique quality that brings you into a connection to an ancient sacred space!  Great for grounding and feeling nurtured.

The "ANCESTOR CANDLE"  eases your lonliness and wraps your space with a sense of warmth and comfort. You feel more in harmony with why you are here.

The "ANCETOR  OIL"  feels so rich and grounding. You can paint it on some of your altar items. Very elevating.  I love it on my skin as well.

The "ANCESTOR HERBAL FORMULA" is great for refreshing your tools as well as your body.  There is so much included that you can use it all year long.

INSTRUCTIONS ON HOW TO USE EACH TOOL WILL BE INCLUDED...and Iyanifa Ifalola and Iyanifa Vassa will always be available to connect with to answer any and all questions.




 #3 OSUN; OSAIN & ANCESTOR OILS are created by Osanyista Iyanifa Ifalola using the highest purest ingredients.  Each one of these three oils is created during a prayer meditation state; inscribed Odu per matrix; singing each oriki and saying each prayer.

Feel free to increase your connections to each of these energies by rubbing them on your skin.  Painting your spiritual tools as well as any altar items you have...really upgrades the vibrational frequency.

These are great gifts too.


 THE OSUN (HEART'S DESIRE); OSAIN & ANCESTORS SALTS are sooooo amazing.  They are so infused with Ase!.

When you rub these salts on your skin you feel a sense of transformation.  Osanista Iyanifa Ifalola has truly outdone herself with these.  The amount of love and sacredness she takes to put these unique elements together is of the highest of integrity!!!!

Get a shaker and put some in and sprinkle this over your skin and you elevate immediately.  They are aligned with the 2024 Odu's and Oriki and prayer.  Your senses will awaken and a sense of peace and tranquility overcomes you.

Messages you need to hear will appear...and you loosen and release any blockages of the past.  Such an enjoyable experience!

Ifalola includes leaves and flowers from her sacred garden as wll as special scents and oils.


EACH OF THESE 3 SPRAYS - Hearts Desire (OSUN); OSAIN & ANCESTORS were developed with the energy and intention of each of those matrices!  Created by Iyanifa Ifalola with the highest alignment; tapping into the sacred Odu's that correlate with each; singing the Oriki and using the highest organic products.
The Hearts desure has the scents from Lemongrass, Rose, Cinnamon, Cloves, and Frankincense. 
The Osain opens your intuition and grounds you. This spray has the scent of Sage, Sweet leaf, Mandrake root, lemongrass, rose, and other scents.  
The ANCESTOR spray has the scent of Sage, Tabaco, Frankincense, Myrrh.
Spray, breathe each of these scents to prepare your jouney ahead.
Instructions with more written materials are included.

 EACH OF THESE THREE NECKLACES IS CREATED BY JEWELRY DESIGNER, IYANIFA VASSA!  The materials she selected are really fine metals and stones.  Each one is infused with your name into it while Iya plays the music that aligns with each of these 3 matrices.  The sacred Odu of 2024 along with the specific Odu's that go with that particular matrix are painted on with the sacred oil and herbs.   

Each necklace is stunning and really rich in energy from all the ceremonies Iyanfa Vassa loves to do.

Enjoy feeling embraced and nurtured by each of these energies when you wrap one around your neckline.

Certificate of Authenticiy is included along with the prayers.  Sacred scents are sprayed on as Iya seals your box with love and light.


 THE 3 CANDLES - OSUN (HEARTS DESIRE); OSAIN & ANCESTORS are truly works of art and fantastic gifts.  When you light one in your room it transorms into a true sacred haven.  Osanist Iyanifa Ifalola has mastered candlemaking to a new level.  

The ingredients are enchanting..and the elements are only of the highest quality.  They are so many surprises for you as the candle burns.  Ifalola infuses them with the 2024 Odu's as well as the music and Oriki chants when she is creating each one. 

You will enjoy becoming a candle reader as you go. Lots of ingredients go into creating each one.


Each of these 3 soaps are infused with a combinate of Reiki energy along with the sacred Odu cast for 2024.  Osanista Iyanifa Ifalola combined the highest grade of organic coconutt soa along and African black soap AND...SOME honey based soap. 

The OSUN (Hearts Desire soap has the scent of Lemongrass, Rose, Cinnamon Cloves, and Frankincense. You can use this product to align love within your core center and your heart.   

THE OSAIN soap has the scent of Sage, Sweet leaf, Mandrake root, lemongrass, rose ++. Using this soap will definitely awaken your senses and open your intuition inner portal. 

The ANCESTOR soap has the scent of Sage, Tabaco, Frankincense, Myrrh ++ Moving this soap across your body clears away past trauma patterns and clears the way for you being more connected to why you are here.  A SPECIAL PRAYER WILL COME WITH EACH ONE.

#4 Ancestor Necklace

 The ANCESTOR necklace is bold and  beautiful.  There is such a stregth you feel in its presence.  Iyanifa Vassa designed this exquisite piece to truly honor all the ancestors bring us in s flowing and glowing way.  The mateirals are of the highest grade stones and metals.  The hammered copper discs alternate with tiger eye stone beads.  The pendant is hand carved stone.

Infused with this years Odu's along with the Odu's that align with the Ancestors...marinated in the sacred Oil and herbs inside the Ancestor shrine at Ola Olu.

This is truly a sacred piece. Certificate of Authenticity along with the Ancestor prayer will be included.

Egbe Community Divination

Learn the Power of Your Egbe Community

Egbe Record Keeper
$99.00 - $150.00
Esu for Opening Lineage Connection

 Create a clearer, deeper converation with your linage...Open and be free!

Ibeji Figure-Carved
$165.00 - $200.00